Final Fantasy: Dissidia is available on PSN now

It was not too long ago that I was bitching about Dissidia not being available on the PlayStation Network. It was up on the Japanese PSN, but no dice for North America. PSPgo owners want to play, too!

Today, Square Enix ends the wait with the release of Final Fantasy: Dissidia on the PlayStation Network, ready for download on your PSP or PSPgo. This 3D brawler starring the Final Fantasy All-Stars (that would make a fantastic basketball team) isn’t the end-all fighting game, but it’s pretty good, and makes for a great road trip game. There’s something to be said for button-mashy fan service games.

If you were one of the others that bitched about this game’s absence, go get it now. It’s currently available for the same price as the UMD version, $39.99.

Dale North