Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles DS screens

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Crystal Chronicles…ah the images it brings up. A game that required four friends with four GBAs to make the game worthwhile. It was clearly fun for all. Seriously, if you had four friends together, you were not going to be playing Crystal Chronicles with them. You’d be doing things much more worthwhile, like GURPS or cosplay, as I know Nex would want

Now, the DS makes the game a lot more bearable with its new game Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Ring of Fates, because you should be able to play with your friends while not in the same room. So, what we’ve got here for you are the first set of screens that are available for this game. The game is supposed to be released sometime in 2007, and so you can look for even more Square Enix love for the DS around then. Man, am I going to go broke next year…

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