Final Fantasy Anniversary trailer; this is progress?

Watch the above video.

No, really. Go ahead, I can wait.

Ok, done? Impressed? Neither was I. I watched the entire thing and all I was thinking the whole time was “Wow, the DS runs circles around this thing.” Sure, we all know the PSP has all kinds of horsepower and that when properly utilized it makes the DS look like a kid’s toy, but comparing this to the stunning work Squenix did on the remake of Final Fantasy 3 is like comparing Uri Geller to Jesus. Yes, they both have magical powers, but one can barely bend spoons, and the other turns water into orgasms on a daily basis. 

I realize I’m going to get a ton of comments from people telling me I just “don’t get it” or that “2D is the new 3D”, but the reality is that this compilation is just a cash-in for the publishers. That wouldn’t be so unfortunate if ninety percent of the PSP’s library wasn’t already cash-ins, but, as it stands, this title will only end up appealing to those who love the series enough to own one of the other eighty iterations of these two games, and it certainly doesn’t provide a compelling argument for adoption of the PSP.

Earnest Cavalli
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