Square Enix shares a Final Fantasy 7 Remake recap ahead of Rebirth

Through the eyes of Red XIII.

In the lead-up to Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Square Enix has shared a recap of the original game’s story, set from the perspective of Red XIII. The recap comes as both Square Enix and fans are counting down the days until Rebirth‘s release on February 29, 2024.

The recap starts with a description of Midgar and the ShinRa Electric Power Company, set to a chilling rendition of Sephiroth’s theme. As Cloud, Barret and other members of Avalanche are introduced, the music starts to become more hopeful as Cloud meets Aerith following the Sector 8 reactor explosion. It quickly returns to the haunting choral melody as President Shinra and his employees are introduced.

To be honest, the recap does an excellent job of covering the basic plot points from Final Fantasy 7 Remake, though it does bypass the events of the Sector 6 slums, the Wall Market, Don Corneo’s Mansion, and everything else between meeting Aerith and the attack on Sector 7. It also doesn’t mention Zack’s inexplicable revival, which is interesting, given how important he seems to be in Rebirth.

I must admit, though, seeing the fight against Sephiroth at the end of Remake again reminded me of how silly that final act was. Here’s hoping they’re able to make that fight and its ramifications make sense in Rebirth. It’s already been confirmed by Tetsuya Nomura that Rebirth will extend up to The Forgotten Capital, so things are already looking up in that regard. 

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth launches exclusively for the PlayStation 5 on February 29, 2024.

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