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FF7 Ever Crisis Steam

In a post on Twitter, Square Enix revealed that the previously mobile-only title Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis has been published to Steam and will be released on the platform later. The Gacha-style game revisits the story of Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core while also telling a new original story about Sephiroth in his younger days.

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Our very own Timothy “The Wordsmith” Monbleau wrote about his feelings on Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis when it was released on mobile devices a couple of months ago. I’ve also had the chance to play quite a bit of it—well, completed all the original content in the title, at least—and can say everything he mentions is pretty on point. Even though the idea of more FF7 is always appealing…this isn’t the way to do it. FF7:EC feels like a gacha game was developed and then a FF7 skin was thrown onto it.

However, I know even with the warning, some people just want more Final Fantasy. Even though you could previously access Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis through emulators like BlueStacks, this will be the first time it’s easily and officially available on PC. New players who jump in on the Steam version will also get the pre-order rewards that were available on mobile. The rewards will help you get a jump start on progressing through the early missions, so it’s a cool touch that they are giving the rewards to PC players as well.

There’s no release date yet for when Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis will actually go live on Steam. According to the Twitter post, the release date will be announced soon.

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