FigurePrints expands operation, everyone can get a custom World of Warcraft toy

Some people call World of Warcraft an addiction. They compare its players to those who spend their nights on bathroom floors, coiled around a toilet. Belt buckles secured around stick arms covered in lesions. Those people (mothers) are wrong.

I prefer to call World of Warcraft a passion — a really weird passion that yields little tangible benefits. But thanks to FigurePrints, that selfless dedication to the clan and Horde can be immortalized physically. And it’s finally available to everyone.

According to ArsTechnica, FigurePrints has expanded its operations significantly. The company makes 3D replicas of in-game World of Warcraft characters. Years ago, their operation was small scale and only able to create a limited amount of orders. Now, the company is ready to fulfill every request by players.

The catch is that the figurine costs $130 bucks. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Players will finally be able to show their mothers that their efforts have resulted in something.

Brad BradNicholson