Fighting EX Layer developer Arika is working on a new project

Arika has also hanlded Everblue and many other ports

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As part of 4Gamer’s annual check-in with Japanese developers, Akira Nishitani, president of Arika, announced that a new game is in the works. Nishitani notes plainly: “We’re currently working hard towards a new project, so please give us your support so that we’re able to announce it!”

As a recap, Fighting EX Layer is the first original game from Arika since 2015 (when they helped Nintendo ship Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure on 3DS). Last October they announced that although they were going to move forward with a PC port to compliment the PS4 original, console sales “weren’t the best,” and as a result there are no plans to enable cross-play.

Arika seems to have money in the bank though as they push toward simultaneous development of this new project and EX Layer‘s PC port.

Arika [ via Gematsu]

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