Fight Night Round 4 producer talks sound, cutscenes

We don’t know about you, but the premiere of the Fight Night Round 4 trailer at the Spike VGAs last month got us stoked for a virtual Ali vs. Tyson match. Not much has been revealed on the game so far, but the official Web site has been conducting a number of interviews with the developers, who have let slip some information.

Last week, the site introduced Freddy Ouano, who is working on the game as a producer on the audio and NIS (non-interactive cutscenes) side of things. In a brief, two-question interview, he explained that, “like much of the rest of the game,” the audio in FNR 4 is being built “from the ground up” — this includes a yet-to-be-announced two-man commentary team, a more responsive crowd, and a more varied soundtrack. All he would say about the cutscenes is that they will be “authentic,” providing a true-to-life version of what we see on TV.

Fight Night Round 4 is set to be released this summer on PS3 and 360. We can’t wait to put on our gloves!

Samit Sarkar