Fight Knight is a dungeon crawler that packs a mean punch

You’re going to want to play the demo

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You’ve probably never played a game like Fight Knight before. It’s a first-person dungeon crawler, and while that isn’t anything special in and of itself, the way that it abandons spells and battle axes in favor of fisticuffs sets the game apart from anything in recent memory.

Fight Knight, which launched and met funding on Kickstarter yesterday, is all about first-person punching. The titular knight can’t seem to hold onto a weapon for more than a second or two. Instead, he opts to punch the everloving shit out of anything that gets in his way. The game transitions from standard dungeon exploration — Fight Knight’s goal is to ascend a mysterious and unpredictable tower — to first-person melee combat with pizazz. Players can block, parry, and dodge in different directions, as well as smash the space bar to unleash a flurry of punches on enemies. 

If Fight Knight sounds like it might be your jam — and honestly, it should be — you can check out a playable demo on The demo is an impressive vertical slice, giving players a taste of Fight Knight’s combat, humor, and art direction. There’s a notable blend of humor and hard-hitting action packed into Fight Knight, which makes all the more sense after learning that the idea for the game stems from a Dark Souls PvP build

Fight Knight seems like it’s a knockout game in the making. Look for a full release next year.

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