FIFA 17 will have a story-like ‘Journey’ mode with a fixed protagonist

Details arise right before EA’s E3 conference

[Update: EA announced “The Journey” with a really hokey live actor playing Alex Hunter. Haha, E3 has begun!]

Much like the NBA 2K “MyCareer” mode, EA is adding in a similar “Journey” gametype to FIFA 17. Based on this new trailer we have an idea of how it will play out — with you starring in the role of Alex Hunter, the newest Premier League star.

A bit more info is available on the official site, which states that you can play any club, and will interact with other pro players and premiere league managers. Promising “emotional highs and lows,” the story will allegedly be altered based on your choices (including how your team views you). There’s even a ‘lil Mass Effect dialogue wheel.

This all sounds like the typical hype, but if done well, it could be a nice gateway into the FIFA series for new players. Think of the drama!

Chris Carter
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