FIFA 16 shown off, Pele told us nothing about it

Yet I am still glad he was there

In a slightly strange twist of events at the EA E3 conference, football (soccer if you’re wrong) legend Pele took to the stage to mumble incoherently about the sport.

Seriously, we’ve been watching Pele talk for about ten minutes before actually seeing anything to do with FIFA 16. It’s strangely relaxing after the onslaught of mobile and sport games, a nice safe haven.

After this just utterly bizarre moment, EA showed off some of the tweaks it will be bringing to FIFA 16, including no-touch dribbling.

You’ll also be able to “complete at a higher level” via the FIFA Trainer system, which will help you learn how to play the game better.

EA also showed off more of the introduction of Women’s teams to the game, which was announced a while ago. Apparently their inclusion has been worked on “for years”, so that’s nice.

But most importantly: Pele gave us story time and that’s lovely.

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