FIFA 10 teaser claims game footage; I call shenanigans

Another year, another EA Sports title.

I know that I’m fighting an uphill battle, but I could really do without FIFA 10. Perhaps ironically, it’s because I thought FIFA 09 was so damned good. The main reason I don’t need 10 is because, a year later, I’m still playing 09 every day. And, hell, with Adidas Live Season, we get roster updates in real time. EA Canada did such a good job last year that I don’t feel the need to buy their newest FIFA endeavor — I just hope that they live up to the bar that they’ve set so high.

But, hey, if EA Canada can make next year’s game worth the $60 price tag, more power to them. If the game’s Wikipedia page is to believed, then they might be on the right track: ball physics, defender AI, and (most importantly) dribbling have all been purportedly improved.

Anyway, on to the actual teaser (below the fold): it says “Actual game footage,” but I’ll believe it when I see it. Maybe it’s from the Be A Pro Mode — EA Canada haven’t said that the feature would be in FIFA 10, but they’d be idiots to axe it — but I’m not convinced. Either way, it’s certainly exciting footage for a soccer fan, and the teaser trailer does exactly what it’s designed to do: tease.

FIFA 10 will be released some time this Fall, presumably on every major console since the Amiga.

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