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FFXIV Ultimog Challenge: Tips for reaching 8,000 Ocean Fishing Points

Grab your rod, let's go.

As part of the First Hunt for Genesis Moogle Treasure Trove FFXIV event, players have distinct challenges in the Mogpendium. Part one’s Ultimog Challenge requires players to score 8000 points in Ocean Fishing. Don’t worry, it sounds challenging, but we’ve got a few tips to help along the way.  

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The basics of Ocean Fishing

Make sure your inventory is cleared out before going on a Voyage. You’re likely to catch far more than one inventory tab worth of fish, and yes, you keep them after you leave the Voyage. What you do with them is up to you: sell them to vendors, put them up for sale on the Market Board, or use them to create prints for your house or apartment. They’re also great for desynth grinding and collecting clusters.  

Make sure you have Bait! I cannot stress this point enough. There’s nothing worse than getting on board the Endeavor only to have to scramble to purchase bait from the onboard NPC and losing precious fishing time in the process. Trust me.

Ocean Fishing Bait is available from the vendor on the Voyage Pier. There are three different types of Ocean Fishing Bait – Ragworm, Krill, and Plump worm – and each different Locations have a specific Bait to serve you best in terms of netting you the most points. 

Bloodbrine SeaKrill
The CieladaesRagworm
Galadion BayPlump Worm
Rhotano SeaPlump Worm
Rothlyt SeaPlump Worm
Southern MerlthorKrill
Northern MerlthorRagworm
Sirensong SeaPlump Worm
Kugane CoastRagworm
Ruby SeaKrill
One RiverKrill

You can use other types of Bait, such as the Versatile Lure, but if you’re after those all important 8,000 points, you’ll want to use the above Baits in order to maximise your chances.

How to get points during Ocean Fishing

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Each fish that you catch comes with a certain amount of points, with large fish being worth double the points of a regular fish, which add together for a final score before any bonuses are added. 

These bonuses, which can be achieved either individually or as a party, will add additional points to your score. However, you won’t know what these are until after you’ve finished the Voyage, so it’s a good idea to try and get as close to 8,000 as you can through your fish alone. 

Spectral Currents

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Each Route has specific fish which, when caught, carries a small chance of triggering a Spectral Current. There’s no guarantee that you’ll trigger the Spectral Current, even if you catch the fish that’s needed. Only one person from the Voyage party needs to catch this fish, and the person who triggers a Spectral Current will be named in a pop-up on screen.

However, if the Spectral Current is triggered, it’s an opportunity to gain a massive amount of points, because not only are Spectral Current fish worth more points in themselves, you cast and reel much quicker so you can quickly catch a huge number of fish. 

Here’s the Spectral Fish for each location and which Bait you’ll need to catch it:

Galadion BaySpectral MegalodonKrill
Southern MerlthorSpectral DiscusKrill
Northern MerlthorSpectral Sea BoRagworm
Rhotano SeaSpectral BassPlump Worm
CieldalaesSpectral ButterflyRagworm
Bloodbrine SeaSpectral EelKrill
Rothlyt SoundSpectresaurPlump Worm
Sirensong SeaSpectral CoelacanthPlump Worm
Kugane CoastSpectral WrasseKrill
Ruby SeaSpectral Snake EelKrill
One RiverSpectral Kotsu ZetsuPlump Worm

If you do achieve 8,000 points, make sure you open your Mogpendium and claim the 50 Tomestones of Genesis I! These Tomestones are not awarded automatically. 

Good luck, and happy fishing!

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