Chocopokkur mount in Final Fantasy XIV
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FFXIV players worldwide have a chance to get the Chocorpukkor mount via Twitch drops

Does it taste like chocolate?

The Chocopokkur mount in Final Fantasy XIV has previously only been available to Japanese or North American players through promotional events. Now, FFXIV is joining forces with Twitch and players worldwide will be able to obtain the little chocolate bulb.

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Between July 2 and July 29, all you need to do in order to get this mount is watch any Twitch streamer who is streaming Final Fantasy XIV with the “Viewer Rewards” tag. Actively watching (playing in the background or tabbing out won’t count) for six hours will reward you with a code to get your Chocorpokkur mount. 

Even players on the free trial of FFXIV can take part and get the mount, and six hours is the maximum amount of time you’ll need to watch in order to get it. There are other items up for grabs for less time as well. 

Watching for one hour will reward an EXP Boost Meal Set, which includes 10 Buttery Mogbiscuits and 10 Fat Choco Chocos. These meals are particularly useful, boosting your EXP gain by 4%, rather than the usual 3% boost received from other meals. 

Watching for three hours will reward players with 10 Aetheryte Tickets, which are sure to come in handy while traversing the new world of Tural. 

Krile and a tablet in Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail
Image via Square Enix

A word of warning, though – watching any Final Fantasy XIV stream during this time is likely to include heavy spoilers if you’re not sufficiently progressed through the story of Dawntrail. If that’s the case, you could always login to a stream before going to bed in an attempt to avoid any spoilers. 

Reward codes will be sent to your inbox on Twitch once you’ve watched enough accumulated hours. These codes can take up to 24 hours to arrive, so don’t worry if you don’t get the codes immediately. If your code fails to show up after 24 hours, you should contact Twitch support. 

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