February’s Games with Gold features some free Wang

I’ll taxi you to India in a Split/Second

After the relatively disappointing selection with last month’s “Games with Gold” offerings, Microsoft has at least provided good games for February 2018. They are all fairly old and probably things you’ve already played, but they are all good games.

Kicking things off on the current-gen side, Shadow Warrior will be free the entire month while Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India will be available from February 16 till March 15. On the last-gen side, you’ll be able to nab Split/Second (a very underrated gem) from February 1 until February 15 with the HD port of Crazy Taxi (the version without the original soundtrack) going from February 16 until February 28.

Xbox One

  • Shadow Warrior: February 1 – 28
  • Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India: February 16 – March 15

Xbox 360

  • Split/Second: February 1 – February 15
  • Crazy Taxi: February 16 – February 28

The only real downside is that Crazy Taxi on Xbox 360 and PS3 lost its original soundtrack in the transition to HD. It also has some weird physics issues that don’t properly replicate the arcade original, making it an inferior version of the game. It can be fun, no doubt, but it isn’t the classic you know and love.

Xbox Live Games With Gold For February 2018 [Major Nelson]

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