Fear it: ‘Bodhisattva’ on Expert guitar in Rock Band 2

You’ve all heard the whining: Rock Band’s note charts are too easy. Where are the DragonForce-like guitar licks that will crack your knuckles and melt the skin off your fingers?

Well, allow me to introduce Steely Dan’s “Bodhisattva,” which may very well be one of the most challenging guitar songs featured in the upcoming Rock Band 2. Don’t believe me? Check out the above video of me fumbling miserably through a practice session to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

If it’s not one of the most difficult, it’s certainly up there. This past weekend, I sat in on a Rock Band 2 session Harmonix put together for some of the folks over at Score Hero, and I watched them run through some of the game’s hardest tracks. All on Expert difficulty, of course, including what is likely one of the most challenging overall band songs in the game, Dream Theater’s “Panic Attack.”

What did I learn? Those guys are way better at Rock Band than I am, and Harmonix certainly isn’t afraid to make a difficult game.

Nick Chester