Fe finally reveals its forest of mysteries in February

Keep an eye on this one

Upcoming EA-backed-but-still-indie platformer Fe is releasing at the most appropriate time it can: Smack dab in the middle of February. Developer Zoink Games announced today that Fe is set for a February 16 launch — just over a month away.

Fe has been fairly quiet ever since its June 2016 reveal. It’s a gorgeous exploration game about a cub finding its way through a dark Nordic forest. There are promises of “secrets, legends, and mystical creatures” hiding in the woods, all the right sort of words to make the mysteries of the forest all the more intriguing.

From a business perspective, Fe is intriguing because it’s one of a few games that are a part of Electronic Arts’ “EA Originals” program — an initiative to give promising-seeming indie titles big publisher backing. Unravel was another one of those games, and everyone knows how that turned out; it stole a lot of hearts two years ago.

Fe has the opportunity to make a similarly big splash. It looks to have the charm and aesthetic of something that ends up well-received. It has its net cast wide, too. Fe‘s releasing on all of the major platforms on February 16 — PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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