Favre wearing green and gold forever on Madden ’09 cover

Lately, Brett Favre has been doing everything that he can to bastardize Packers fans’ memories of the old gunslinger. As if leaving on a costly interception and juggling retirement isn’t bad enough, Favre is possibly open to moving on with another team. Luckily, no matter what Favre the man decides to do, Favre the legend will forever be immortalized on the cover of Madden 2009.

Recently, BingeGamer asked EA’s Tyrone Miller if Favre’s jersey would change on the cover of Madden 2009 if the veteran relocated to Tampa Bay or Minnesota as rumored. Miller had this to say in response:

Madden NFL 09 will ship on August 12 with Brett Favre in a GB jersey, no matter what. If he is traded to another team, we look forward to exploring various ways to capture that.

At least there will be a little permanency as the man continues to waver on what he wants to do. Although, I wonder in what way EA Sports is going to capture Favre in a different jersey while featuring him in a Packer’s one? Certainly he’s not just talking about sticking him on a different team. Do you think they’ll just put a little stamp like, “solicited by the Vikings” on the corner of the cover?

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