Fate/Grand Order sets sail for Okeanos next week

Rolling with the waves

Hoist ye mizzenmasts, Masters, for every Type-Lunatic’s favorite mobile grindfest is getting an update! Aniplex have officially announced the release date of Fate/Grand Order‘s next big story expansion, and it’s hitting next week, on September 28th, 2017. 

The next expansion, titled “The Third Singularity: Sealed Ends of the Four Seas – Okeanos”, will see players traveling back in time to the age of sail to chase down a spacetime-warping Holy Grail, and fighting alongside the likes of English explorer Francis Drake, reincarnated as a lady, and Edward “Blackbeard” Teach, reincarnated as a huge internet otaku (no, really!). Drake will be the game’s first 5-star Rider-class Servant. Other additions to the game roster include Drake’s fellow seamen Anne Bonny and Mary Read, the Gorgon sister Euryale, Hector of Troy, and even the biblical stone-chucker David.

Aniplex is promoting the update on social media, and promising a giveaway of Saint Quartz premium currency if enough people like the trailer post (apparently written by Blackbeard himself). Fate/Grand Order is the kind of game that rewards folks who start early, so if you’re still on the fence about trying it, now is a good time to decide to give it a shot. 

[Fate/Grand Order Official Site. Header image courtesy DarkDuck]

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