Fat Princess going to Japan, not bringing blood

One of the reasons why Fat Princess is so excellent — outside of the rampant sexism — is the fact that it’s just so brutal and bloody. It appears Sony Japan missed the memo, because the Japanese version of the game appears to contain not a single drop of claret whatsoever.

Known as Pocchari Princess (Cubby Princess) in Japan, the Titan Studios hack n’ slasher has all the slaying and flaying of the original game, with none of the blood. This is a common trend in the country, which is quite ironic considering this is the place where Takashi Miike films come from. The game will hit PSN in November.

That kind of blows. Blood and gore isn’t exactly important to a game, but certain titles lose their charm when you reduce the red. Looks like it doesn’t always pay to be a Japanese gamer.

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