Fast Food Panic brings back some tough memories

Prior to my illustrious career as a games blogger, in my younger years,  I had the pleasure of working in the food service industry. Wait, “food service industry” is how I’m putting it? More like slopping burgers. Mopping grease off of floors. Scraping gum from under the tables. Unloading trucks. Its memories like these that keep me blogging at the top of my game. I don’t ever want to go back!

But you can go back, in game form. Fast Food Panic lets you go back, but leaves the grunt work to the lackeys. You’re in charge, sim style,  and it’s your job to make your joint the best one in town. You’ll run from kitchen to counter to FOH (front of house, for those that have never had the pleasure), making sure that everything runs like a well-oiled (well-greased?) machine.

Fast Food Panic comes out early next year for both the Wii and DS. Screens from both games are in our gallery below.

Dale North