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Style Savvy developer syn Sophia is back with Fashion Dreamer

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If you’ve read any of my writing over the last eight-ish years I’ve worked here, you probably know I have a deep affinity for the Style Savvy series. The boutique management sim has had me wrapped around its finger since the original game debuted on the Nintendo DS. The game looked rough on the hardware, and the real-time clock didn’t do it any favors, but it was fabulous nonetheless. The series really hits its stride when it jumped to the 3DS. Both Style Savvy: Trendsetters and Style Savvy: Styling Star ranked among the very best experiences I had on the console. I’ve been wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’ the series would show up on Switch, and while there have been a few fashion games over the life of the console, nothing has really grabbed me the way Style Savvy did. Fashion Dreamer may break that trend.

As revealed in yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, Fashion Dreamer is an upcoming style simulator that puts an emphasis on user creations. Players will create their avatar known as a Muse and work to build their brand as fashion influencers. The game will feature more than 1400 items players will be able to customize to try and dazzle the other Muses of an online world known as Eve. Admittedly, that doesn’t have the same immediate appeal as running my own little boutique, but I’d wager the idea of trying to make it as a style influencer is far more relevant to today’s Instagram-driven industry.

The real appeal of this fashion game versus all the others is the fact syn Sophia is handling development duties. That is the same developer that helped bring Style Savvy to life (as well as an excellent selection of wrestling games back in the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 era). Having syn Sophia on board is all I need to know to keep an eye out for this one. But, considering the last Style Savvy game has more than 20,000 fashion items to collect, I can only hope the options for customizing fashion really allow me to make my brand look and feel unique from all the other styles I’ll see around Eve.

Fashion Dreamer will launch later this year exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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