FarmVille set to ‘ignore’ Facebook?

This is different from the Facebook drama I usually see!

Things are not going good between “Friends” Zynga and Facebook. It seems that Facebook was trying to tie down the FarmVille maker with a long-term deal that would keep their games in FB’s camp. This goes directly against Zynga CEO Mark Pincus reportedly telling his staff to prepare for a potential breakaway from Facebook. It seems that they wanted to launch their own social game network called Zynga Live.

The Times reports that Zynga has dialed back the FB hate a bit, but it may be too late, as the social networking site may be ready to evict Zynga. 

What’s all the drama over? Last year Facebook disabled third-party messaging, which screwed everything up for game companies like Zynga. And now with their pushing of Facebook Credits, a sort of Facebook-only payment platform, game publishers will have to pay FB a fee of 30% for transactions.

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Dale North