Far Cry Primal is adding Survivor mode (and 4K textures on PC)

Update drops April 12

Aside from a few specific animal encounters that went real south, I didn’t find Far Cry Primal to be a challenging game. By the end of it, with all of the skills unlocked, I might as well have had a metal endoskeleton buried underneath my cave-man flesh. I was near-indestructible.

Ubisoft is preparing a new challenge for players, Survivor mode, due out as a free patch on April 12, 2016. As an added bonus for PC players, it’ll also add higher-resolution textures.

The mode is playable on any difficulty setting and alters a number of Primal‘s mechanics to be more “realistic.” In practice, that means (optional) permanent death, stamina concerns, less-powerful beast companions, lowered map visibility, and not quite as many wild animals and humans roaming around. Also, you can “no longer rain remote-control death on foes using [your] owl.”

Upon hearing the news, Brett was quick to express elation over the fact that there are no new Achievements or Trophies tied to Survivor mode, and I’m right there with him. We both played this game probably too much. There will, however, be a “special reward” for folks who clear Primal on the hardest difficulty with Survivor mode and permadeath enabled. Good luck with that!

Free Survivor Mode Coming to Far Cry Primal [Ubisoft]

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