Far Cry Primal adds Survivor Mode and 4K textures

I’m a survivor

A hella-of-a-lot of video games came out yesterday, from Dark Souls III to Ratchet & Clank, but perhaps you’re short on cash, barely making rent, waiting on a tax refund (or, in my case, owe the IRS way too much). Maybe you want to take advantage of the games you’ve already plonked money on and, for some weird reason, you don’t feel like playing Resident Evil 4 right now (a wild hypothetical, I know; who doesn’t want to play Resident Evil 4 all the time?)

Well, Ubisoft has you covered. The Division isn’t the only Ubi-game that saw an update yesterday. Far Cry Primal (catch both our review and dedicated podcast) has added a 4K texture option for PC players and, more importantly, a new Survivor Mode for everyone.

To quote Jordan, “The mode is playable on any difficulty setting and alters a number of Primal‘s mechanics to be more ‘realistic.’ In practice, that means (optional) permanent death, stamina concerns, less-powerful beast companions, lowered map visibility, and not quite as many wild animals and humans roaming around. Also, you can ‘no longer rain remote-control death on foes using [your] owl.'”

You can read the comprehensive patch notes here. Sally forth, fellow penny pinchers!

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