Far Cry 5 sets sights on Montana

Born in the USA

Far Cry 5 will trade the series’ exotic locations for a slice of pastoral America. 

Earlier today, the official PlayStation EU YouTube account uploaded a series of small teaser trailers for the upcoming game. Each one is a short vignette set in Hope County, Montana.

Murder and mystery are present in each of the four teasers. Hope County doesn’t exactly seem like a safe place to live. In one video, a dead body floats down a river. In another, a man can be seen smashing someone’s head against a church bell. Far Cry 5‘s vision of America’s countryside seems to fall somewhere between Fargo, Deliverance, and No Country For Old Men. Sign me the hell up.

According to each teaser, Ubisoft is planning a worldwide Far Cry 5 gameplay reveal on May 26. 

Ray Porreca
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