Far Cry 5 is going to Mars next week

Get Lost on Mars on July 17

Far Cry 5 was largely sold on the way it juxtaposed a terrifying doomsday cult of religious zealots against the way that cult was dealt with. These types of people can (and do!) exist in the real world, so the Eden’s Gate sect represented a threat that was couched in some legitimacy. But, taking care of them was a matter of ridiculous airplane divebombs and vicious dog attacks. Far Cry can never take itself too seriously, even when the subject material begs for it.

The second DLC for Far Cry 5 doesn’t make the same attempt at straight-faced sincerity. Instead, it’s going intergalactic as Nick Rye (the plane guy) goes to Mars to fight off the martians before they can invade earth. Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars releases on July 17 for $10.

This seems in the same vein as the first add-on, Hours of Darkness, which was a flashback to Vietnam. The last DLC is titled Dead Living Zombies, and it launches sometime in August. The base game did its best at presenting a sincere and weighty narrative; the add-ons counter-balance that by leaning into preposterous and kitsch.

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