Far Cry 5 has seven helper companions, but you’re gonna pick the puppers

Whoosa good boy?!

Methodically dismantling a cult seems like a tall task to undertake alone. Far Cry 5 won’t make you fly solo, though. There are theoretically seven different aides that will assist you in murdering your way through all of Eden’s Gate.

It’s theoretical because, well, you’re going to pick the dog because he’s a very good puppy. The stealthy hunter lady is probably great at picking off enemies with her bow. The fly boy raining hellfire from his plane is probably an incredibly useful tactic for getting out of jams. Both of these options are inferior because neither of these options are dogs.

Anyway, Ubisoft has compiled a joint profile of these seven companions for you to peruse ahead of the game’s March 27 release. But you might as well stop lying to yourself like your selection is up in the air. You’re taking the only one with four legs and fur.

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