Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon leak suggests 80s radness

Slay dragons and collect VHS tapes, according to leaked achievement list

Details on a Far Cry 3 downloadable expansion continue to come out. Previously hinted by lead writer Jeffrey Yohalem and Ubisoft registering rights to “Blood Dragon,” we now have the juiciest details yet: An Xbox Live Arcade game cover and an achievements list.

The chosen font and achievements, which list things such as “Find all VHS tapes” and “Kill 25 Dragons,” makes me think this may be some awesome ’80s throwback to cheesy films like The Last Dragon (pictured above).

Yohalem previously stated that whatever he’s working on won’t be unveiled until the time is right. With Ubisoft having held a GDC event earlier this week, I guess that time isn’t here just yet. Whatever the game turns out to be — ’80s homage or not — I could use some more Far Cry 3 in my life.

Here’s the full list of achievements for Blood Dragon:

  • Welcome to the Party, Pal – Finished Helicopter Entry (20)
  • One Small Step – Finished First Garrison (20)
  • Way to Go, Garri-Son – Finish all the Garrisons (20)
  • Kill Them All – Finish all the Predator’s Path Quests (50)
  • End Game – Finished Final Showdown (5)
  • Nice Like Jesus – Finish all the Hostages Situations (30)
  • Murder Nature – Kill all the Animal Types (5)
  • Set Them Free – Destroy 5 Braincages (15)
  • Just the Tip – Kill a Dragon with the Bow (20)
  • Blood Dragon Down – Kill Your First Dragon (20)
  • Dragon Slayer – Kill 25 Dragons (20)
  • What are You Reading For? – Find all of Dr. Carlyle’s Notes (20)
  • The Greatest Format of all Time – Find all VHS Tapes (40)
  • Hail to the King – Reach Maximum Level and Become the Ultimate Badass (30)
  • Running man – After saving Darling, enter Combat Mode with a Dragon and Return to Stealth (20)
  • Tooled Up – Own all Weapons Attachments (20)
  • Derp – Jump Down from 50 Meters (20)
  • The Drug of the Nation – Find all TV SETS to Decrypt the Hidden Message (15)
  • The Only True Stopper – Headshot Every Type of Enemy (50)

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon spotted again as Achievements leak [Eurogamer, Exophase]

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