Fantastic Boyfriends wants to hook you up with cute ogres

Wow, fantastic hunks

Oh my lord. Oh my stars and garters. Okay Joe, this is a simple news post, you’ve done this countless times before. A whole group of hot men or not, you don’t even know if this game is any good, so pull yourself together and don’t get sidetracked.

Damn it, I can do this.

This is Fantastic Boyfriends, or Shoukan Yuusha to F-kei Kareshi in Japan, a gay fantasy dating sim and RPG for iOS and Android. Until now it’s only been available in Japanese, but the developer Lifewonders has launched an Indiegogo campaign. They’re aiming to raise $20,000 to release an English translation, however the developers have stated that the project will continue if funding fails, albeit at a slower pace.

Fantastic Boyfriends frames itself as a fairly standard JRPG where you must face a great evil in a fantasy land and so on and so forth. The  twist is that you’re also able to date a wide variety of men, ogres, and dragon-dudes who can help on your journey when you’re not too busy holding hands, smooching or whatever it is people in love do.

At the time of writing, they’ve raised $803 in 15 hours, so who knows whether or not it will hit its target? But you know what they say: it ain’t ogre ’til it’s ogre.

Joe Parlock