Fans of the Witcher rejoice, Extended Edition looks great

Fixing a product that has already reached the level of acclaim and sales that The Witcher has is certainly a noble task. This September, The Witcher: Enhanced Edition will hit store shelves with many new additions. Over 5000 lines of dialogue have been both rewritten and re-recorded, as well as 200 new dialogue animations to accompany the changes. There will be a new character differentiation system for NPCs, an “enhanced inventory” to assist with alchemy and even improved combat responsiveness.

The Witcher: Extended Edition
will come in two different forms. Owners of the game will receive the edition free of charge as downloadable content. New players will be able to purchase the game on store shelves in its “premium packaging.” The packaging includes a multilingual game disc, optional voice-overs and subtitles, strategy guide, sound track, map, and even a Making-of DVD. Pricing has yet to be confirmed.

I watched Extended Edition in action, and it looks just as great as the original game. Battle was much more fluid and features fewer clicks. I wasn’t able to get my hands on the new packaging, but I did get the opportunity to read a few shorts from Andrzej Sapkowski’s “The Last Wish” which heavily influences the game. I can’t say I’m impressed by the fiction, but at least the game appears to be running great.

Brad BradNicholson