Fans celebrate Grasshopper’s 20th birthday with a zine for charity

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The only thing more diverse than Grasshopper Manufacture’s library of games is their fan base. In the time since Suda51 left Human Entertainment, the game studio responsible for the first Fire Pro Wrestling and Clock Tower games, he’s created everything from obscure and heady visual novels to gory action comedies co-written by Guardians of the Galaxy‘s James Gunn. Regardless of what he’s making, Suda has stayed consistent in his passion for his work. This where his style comes from. Twenty years later, and this style still runs through everything he’s done, regardless of whether it’s something from a Nintendo owned franchise like Fatal Frame, a motion-controlled hellish baseball simulator, or a gentle mobile game about frogs.

Similarly, his fans often have extremely different tastes, but their unified love for Suda’s work often brings them together in ways that mesh together perfectly. A recent example is the upcoming Grasshopper Manufacture Zine (or GhM Zine for short). Pooling together artists and writers from all over the world, the mag pays tribute to everything from early games like The Silver Case and Flower Sun and Rain, to more recent headliners like Lollipop Chainsaw, No More Heroes, and Let it Die. I contributed some words and pictures to it myself, in a shambling, unfiltered style that is hopefully a good fit for the source material. 

All profits from sales of the zine go to Doctors Without Borders, so if you’re a GhM fan who wants contribute to a good cause while acquiring an unusual and sure-to-be-rare piece of game-related media, then this is probably the best strawberry that your shortcake is ever going to get. It also comes with some stickers if you’re nasty

Jonathan Holmes
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