Fanboy Friday: Wrestling Tee-Shirt Edition

Each week, Fanboy Friday takes a look at some of the most ridiculous, asinine, and unintentionally hilarious comments made by fanboys from a variety of gaming sites.

With a couple weeks to process everything that happened with E3, the fanboys are finally back making videos on YouTube again. Fuled by Natal, God of War 3, and [PROTOTYPE] vs. inFAMOUS, there’s a whole lot of trash taking going down, and since it’s been a while since we’ve had a video post, you’re getting one today.

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Somehow, our favorite fanboy ELPRESADOR has managed to round up a whole group of middle aged men in wrestling tee-shirts to blather on about how great the Playstation 3 is. Recently, they put together a fake movie trailer for something they’ve called ‘An Epic Advanture”, but instead of showing you that we’ll take a look at the newest member of the “Trey Brotherhood”, thetruthnow37.

Not to be outdone, some of the 360 fans fire back. It’s hard to argue with a video like this when it’s prefaced with a Pokemon montage.

ELPRESADOR has some sad sad news, and some very bad metaphors, for people who like the 360.

Videos are always more convincing and effective when you smear your camera lens with vasoline before you film. This is especially funny because it was before E3, and he’s rambling on about motion sensing and how it’s only stupid consoles that have it.

It’s 2009! The PS3 is the future! Apparently flannel shirts are as well!

Finally, for the grand finale, I have possibly the most amazing video we’ve ever featured on Fanboy Friday. Probably knowing he would end up on Fanboy Friday (Since this is clearly a highly popular column everyone has heard of), he disabled embedding on his video. We have thwarted him, and you can now mock him from the safety of Destructoid.


There’s no way that anything is going to top that last video, so I’m not even going to try. If you’re still capable of coherent though and fine motor control after watching all that nonsense, tell us in the comments who the winner was. (You are not allowed to vote for the last one, because he is obviously the best. Pick one of the other ones.)