Fanboy Friday: Less QQ please

It’s weeks like these where I’m reminded how the smallest, slightest thing can set fanboys off into a spiraling whirlwind of bitching, whining, and (presumably) self-loathing. This week is going to be a little bit shorter than usual, but the circumstances behind the outrage make it much funnier. Remember how yesterday it turned out that Modern Warfare 2 is getting Call of Duty thrown back in the name? If you missed it, Robert Bowling revealed it on his Twitter with a shot of the box design. As you can see in the shot, the 360 version is on top, with another box behind it that is likely the PC version (But might even be the PS3 version!). How do you think this was met by the PS3 fanboys?

If it ended well, we wouldn’t have a column.

One of the other entertaining things about this was everyone screaming that it was a fake, despite being Tweeted by Infinity Ward’s community manager. That has less to do with fanboys and more to do with unbridled stupidity though, so we won’t cover it.

The childish insults and fighting are what you’re all here for. It wouldn’t have even happened without the 360 kids starting shit; everyone was happily talking about how excited they were for the game, and then this guy came along.

thats sick … xbox 360 over ps3 😀

And that’s all it took. People came out of the wordwork to start hollering and yelling about bias Infinity Ward being horrible. This was the first brave Sony soldier to wade into the fray.

So, holding the 360 and PC boxes leaving out the PS3 version. Typical Infinity Ward bias. You’re part of the problem.

And that set everyone off. People came pouring in to decry how unfair life was, how evil Microsoft and Infinity Ward were, and how sad it was that a major company was ‘hating’ the PS3.

why show favoritism to M$? 

Yea and y so much hate towards the ps3 

And then it just became a back and forth pissing match between the 360 guys and the PS3 people.

nice work all of the psn people are jelous hahaha but xbox live is better anyway

Not really, PS3 is wank. If PS3 was so much better they would work on it for longer and release it after the xbox version. And no I’m not a Microsoft fanboy, I have a wii which I play just as much. 

One guy comes in to complain about how awful the 360 is. Somehow it turns into a fight about Ghostbusters. Oh fanboys!

Annoying that they haven’t shown the PS3 case. Blatant favouritism. Wish they’d ditch multi platform. Xbox is maxxed already. Look at the quality of game between say Killzone 2 and Gears of War 2? Its just not the same level. Ps3 titles will always be hindered if they are Xbox ports. Sad really

Uhmm… , shut the fuck up. hindered by the 360? What? Than why do all most all multiplatform games look better on the 360? And COD4 was EXACTLY the same on both ps3 and 360. Even newer games like RE5 and other newer titles (lol ghostbusters was horrible on ps3) look better on the 360. Be it by higher resolution, better textures, better frame rate, less screen tearing, less bugs, etc. And about games like Killzone 2, they spent over 4 years and 60 million euros in developing. They developed the engine from the ground up for the ps3 only. If developers made a game on the 360 and spent 4 years and 60 million euros than no doubt whatever they came up with would look amazing. GET YOUR FANBOY ASS OUT OF HERE! You are pathetic.

errr Ghostbusters was a port to PS3 so yeah its gunna look shit. Just as much as COD:WaW was a shit port. But then again that was a basically a shit game all together. KIllzone 2 cost 42million euros so make sure you get your facts straight. Now I dont see why you’ve gone and got yourself in a little hissy fit over down talking Xbox, calling me the fan boy? I own all 3 consoles and you? WHy do they look better on a 360? Because they were made for the 360 then ported to the PS3. Quality is lost that’s why. Learn something before you start getting cocky 

ps3 was the lead platform for ghostbusters…

This guy totally brings the sass. TAKE THAT.

PS3 crybabies….hush little baby don’t say a word….momma’s going to buy you a “shut the hell up!” 

Some people insult the game, which brings another wave of fanboy insults.

Who cares this game is trash 

let me guess a halo gamer or a gear.. go back to unload an entire clip on someone just so they turn back a and kill you… 

This is kind of creepy…

I wish those were my fingers holding that box. Hope we see the CE contents and box soon!

One guy tries to just be reasonable and tell people on both sides to STFU, but his cries fall on retarded ears. We also get the classic deceptive trick, the ‘I’m totally a Sony fanboy for realz guyz I totally love the PS3 and it’s amazing and here is why the 360 is awesome and the PS3 sucks’ move.

Are you PS3 guys that annoyed by no PS3 box being shown? Perhaps they haven’t finished printing/deciding what to put on the PS3 box. Or the fact Robert Bowling owns a 360 and not a PS3. Stop moaning about irrelevant and stupid things. PS3 will get the game as will the other platforms. Less QQ please.

I’m moaning because Infinity Ward are bunch of stupid Xbox fanboys. Just look at COD4… PS3 version suffered with more lag and online problems because IW picked a rubbish server for the PS3 and put the 360 onto a better server. Lack of trophy and rumble support in PS3 version when IW can always make a patch but they never! Lack of leaderboard in PS3 version to show friends. AND NOW! Look at this photo – A IW guy holding 360 and PC versions, leaving the PS3 version behind is indeed very worrying!

I do partly agree with this. But the reason that they have put the box art on Xbox and PC is because they are both the same size. These are just prototypes so why bother wasting money printing off two in different sizes when they can just print off two at the same time. I am a ps3 fanboy but the reason the Xbox version is better is just that LIVE is better the PSN. I went on my mates Xbox and the interface is much better and has more features, but as a system and if you just hate Microsoft like I do the ps3 is better.

And finally, our words of wisdom.

Who cares what the PS3Fags have to say anyway?

While this wasn’t particularly out of control, especially compared to some of the stuff we’ve featured before, it blows my mind that all this happened over a PICTURE OF BOX ART. I bet if they had shown all three boxes side to side, the Xbox fanboys would have complained that their box was green and that it looked stupid, the PS3 fanboys would have accused Infinity Ward of making the font size one point bigger on the title on the 360 version, and the PC people probably wouldn’t have given a shit because they’d be too busy boycotting Starcraft II and the new Left 4 Dead.

It’s a fucking picture of a box. Grow the fuck up.

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