Fanboy Friday: Greedy Bastards Edition

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Apologies for missing last week — long story short a whole bunch of stuff came up and my Friday ended up being booked solid. That’s ok though, because this week we’re back and (hopefully) better than ever.

Today, we’re going to be looking at the GameSpot forums. Right now, there’s a discussion going on about who the “greediest company” is. This is something the Destructoid editors have discussed among ourselves as well, and really the basic conclusion that anyone sensible can come up with is all of them. They’re all greedy. They’re businesses, and the goal of a business is to make money. If the CEO of a company decides that he doesn’t want to make money, then he’ll get booted out by the shareholders and replaced with someone who does want to make money. It’s that simple.

Not everyone seems to realize this though. While this Fanboy Friday is a bit lighter on the insults than usual, what you’ll get to see is people scrambling to argue why the other two companies are horrible greedy assholes and why their company of choice is a shining paragon of corporate responsibilty and consumer care.

Read on.

At the time of this writing, Microsoft was voted the greediest with 56% of the vote. Nintendo was second with 30%, and Sony was last with only 14%. Naturally, some people simply couldn’t fathom how anyone could think Microsoft was greedy.

MS is really surprising, they are practically giving away 360 for almost free, i mean 199$ for a system with such visuals and lineup and huge RPGs ? I would pay 1500$ to have a 360 easilly, for its RPG’s alone

Anyways, I’m not sure about most greedy, but I do know that surprisingly MS is the least greedy imo. Fixing people’s RROD for free, extending the warranty, and even paying money to people that had to repair their RROD before the warranty extension? Never heard of any other company that went through all that to set things straight with their customers.

Other people couldn’t grasp why Nintendo didn’t have 0 votes. I know how this guy feels though, since FPS games killed my mother and raped my sister.

nintendo has been charging us 249,99 -or less , for their consoles , and what does they always give us, they give us fun games ny one can enjoy you dont like that fact that every one can enjoy a e rated game , go to you know becaquse i wished fpses did not exist they ruined peoples lives and they ruined the true meaning of games lately

So why is Sony seen as the least greediest? It’s either everyone is a FANBOY COW!

Cows. They won’t vote for Sony even though Sony used them for pawns in a format war, despite BluRay not being a good choice for gaming.

That, or Sony is just the most noble company in the history of capitalism.

And oh man, about Sony’s input into this gen. Remember that the Sony this gen has the best exclusive library for the PS3(the most liked 1st/2nd party library), they have built the biggest army of 1st and 2nd party studios(Bigger than MS’s and Nintendos 1st/2nd party studios combined),they pump the most money into thier exclusive games, try to pump out(and consistantly continue to) the most 1st/2nd party QUALITY games and improved and caught up on a phenomenal amount of stuff in the past 2 years (both on the PS3 and PSP), all whilst losing money and providing good quality hardware and services(for free).

Ok, to be fair, this made me laugh:

I’m surprised M$ hasn’t started charging for downloadable ammo for shooting games, tbqh.

This did too. Some people started arguing about the Nintendo/Sony SNES CD addon incident, and this guy came up with the best analogy for what he thought happened:

They did screw sony over, Nintendo went to them worked closely with them and sony poured money into making a CD addon then out of no where at E3 1994? 96? unsure they showed up on stage with phillips announcing their colaberation on a CD addon. Sony had no idea up till the on stage announcement about it, its basically like A rockstars wife goes to one of his concerts and he pulls a lady onstage and says this is my girl friend we are having a baby.

Well, it looks like people are finally starting to figure it out:

Of course companies are greedy! You HAVE to be greedy to survive as a company. Not greedy in an immoral sense, but aggressive in always topping your competitor and being as profitable as possible.

They’re all greedy in their own way
Nintendo: Dumbed core fanbase to make money
Sony: Added unnecessary features, took out BC, charged a huge price
Microsoft: Peddling accessories and live, makes up for it with RROD warranty extensions

And finally, are our closing words of wisdom:

I want them ALL to be greedy. I want them ALL out to make the most money. It will force them to be creative and be most appealing to the consumer.

Oh, and a picture:

See you next week!

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