Fanboy Friday: Falling out of the turnip truck

Hi everyone! I’m sure you missed me terribly last week, but now that I’ve recovered from Swine Flu we’re back and ready to rock. This week I’ve stumbled across a website that got a hands-on with ODST recently. What did they have to say about it?

They said it was ‘underwhelming’.

Is this unnamed mystery source actually a real person with an ODST review copy? It’s very unlikely, since the embargo date he listed was wrong and Microsoft hasn’t sent out review copies yet. Was this fake news story dumb and obviously a hoax? Yes. But it doesn’t matter either way, because what matters is that SOMEONE ON THE INTERNET SAYS HALO IS BAD.

Would you care to look at some forum posts with me?

This ‘news story’ spread across the internet like wildfire. Discussions were popping up left and right, with people both using it as an opportunity to shit on the 360, and as an opportunity to scream about how Halo is the best game series ever. Remember, VERY FEW PEOPLE HAVE PLAYED THIS GAME!

First, we immediately start out with a score fight between Gran Turismo and Halo. (What? Why!?)

He is a Cow like you, that explains it, sorry Kotaku is saying its going to be a great game. It sure will outsell anything on the PS3 thats for sure…

you mean……Gran Turismo 5? the game in which the highest selling installment of halo has only matched the lowest selling GT game? and every first iteration each gen of gran turismo has outscored every halo game on gamerankings also. Lol, at getting personal with me….”Cow”… e-feelings am hurt. I am a cow, lol, I didnt need you to point that out to me so what are you getting at? Lol, at how quickly lemmings get the claws out when someone talks about halo. Theres still lemmings that think halo is the best selling franchise ever.
EDIT: and LOL, at kotaku being COWS now, even though theyve been known for their 360 bias for years. I guess everyone who says something bad about 360 is a cow now

ummmmmm you gotta be kidding right? do u even know what the first halo scored? it got a 9.7/10!!!!! thats higher than any gran turismo game out there! even halo 3 scored a 9.5/10 which is higher than any gran turismo game out there as well. type it in on gamespot and you’ll see what im talking about. even on your precious gamerankings, halo was given 95.45% while the highest gran turismo game was given 94.71%. next time find out the REAL answers before posting bs, because ppl will look to prove you wrong!

your still WRONG! gamerankings, halo still scored higher than GT. halo scored 95.45% and GT scored 94.71%. whatever site you check, halo still scored higher than any GT game.

WTF? On game rankigs Halo CE: has a score of 95.45 with 82 ****ing reviews. GT 1 the first GT on the list has a 94.71 with only 21 reviews. Metacritic has the best reviews Gran Turismo the first one with a 96. Halo :CE on Xbox has a 97. Strike 2. 1) You’re wrong. 2) You try way to hard to spin for Sony. Hope they give you a check.


What are other people saying about the game? Well, this other message board is having a fight about graphics!

If the graphics are basically the same as Halo 3 or slightly better I certainly won’t be complaining. If you thought Halo 3 had crappy graphics then I have to assume you have a crappy tv. It looked decent on my old Samsung 30″ CRT-HDTV, but after I got my Panasonic 42″ Plasma it looked amazing.

Oh come on, now i don’t care about graphics but you can’t claim halo 3 has good graphics when compared to the modern standards such as KZ2, Uncharted 2 or Gears 2. That’s just madness imo.

Halo 3 did have horrible graphics and a bland art style mixed with a dull and repetitive level design. In this day and age of gaming where we have plenty of great looking games that also have excellent gameplay, this is unacceptable.

I remember when bungie said this game was going to be $40. But nope, halodroids will still buy it at $60. I’m not getting it though. And the graphics were “decent” back in 07, now they are pretty horrid in this year of the 360. But I suspect this game will get hyped (No duh..) and the main reviewers will still give the graphics a 10.

Defending Halo 3’s graphics is like defending MS’s hardware design seriously how can you defend it.They are horrible compared to every other shooter on the market today, just look at Halo 2 footage on youtube, it’s not much worse then Halo 3. And I can understand why Halo 3 wasn’t that great graphically it was released a few years ago, but now they should at least be comparable to other games on it’s system.

Much to my chagrin, both of these boards were censored/filtered, so we couldn’t see how people truly felt. Let’s stroll on over to N4G and take a look at the ‘open comments’ section for this story.

Halo is the Backstreet Boys of games.


The only reason why Gaylo DLC will still sell large amounts, is because xbots have no other games to play.

Only an idiot would spend 60 bucks for this garbage. Luckily, all known idiots are found playing on the shaftbox 360

I have a 360, but i hate halo and gears. I’d rather buy Heavy Rain for my PS3 slim.

hey it’s ok you bots have only waited a almost a full year for a exclusive 2 play…. Its not like you cant play it its just that you will probably be bored of it in 2 days and start the wait for MW2!

Better off playing Gaylo 3 because this is the same thing but with a different colored character

360 fans that own more consoles like Wii or PS3 this gen, seem to be gamers that had a real gaming history, besides owning a PS1 and PS2. The PS3 droids inhere most of the time only started gaming with PS1 and PS2 and never saw other goodness. They didn’t own a NES, Dreamcast, Amiga 500 or XBOX 360 this gen. They’re just what they are. Droids

keep talking crap mart seeing as most of the xbox user base are under 18 i would imagine your argument is completley the opposite way around for most ps3 users would be over 20 and would have had a megadrive,nes,snes,ps1,ps2 ect.. you fail at failing which is quite hard to do clap clap LOL back later i have a board meeting to attend to.

Look, Gears of War is a great franchise, and so is Mass Effect, i just dont want to spend money on a poorly made console that will break every month! also i dont feel like paying 50 a year to hear stupid kids like you screaming nonsense in XBLive everytime i pwnd them in a FPS. Why do i like sony? Simple my friend, their consoles, tv’s, DVD’s, Walkmans, MP3 players… you name it, are RELIABLE!!! they just dont break on themselves… like fvcing magic or something Are you fvcking happy each time you crappy console gives you a RROD? i dont fvcking think so because that ruin your fun for at least 2 weeks. I would love to buy an xbox if that stupid piece of sh!t were more reliable, im investing money and time in games, i expect quality products, not bullcrap in return….other thing i loooooooooove, is to piss off xbots like you…. ho man….. i looooooove to do that so bad  

Brief Killzone fight!

Killzone 2 is a great example of pretty graphics but absolute crap environment and gameplay. This is why Killzone 2 failed so horribly. The Halo games are just a blast to play and do everything right. It is going to be fun watching the sales crush anything sony putters out.

Selling 2 million units is failing horribly? What turnip truck did you fall out of?

Let’s talk about how awesome the game is even though we haven’t played it!

The new campaign,maps and firefight will be fun and a great addition to any halo fans library.The Cows are hyping this one more than the Lems,we Lems see this game for what it actually is whereas Cows are seeing it as a huge threat and praying for AA or A for a chance at fanboy hate,its hilarious.

4 words = “Game of the Year”
3 words = “Halo ODST Rocks”
2 words = “Must Buy”

Let’s talk about how shitty the game is even though we haven’t played it!

No surprise here everybody with a brain knows the halo franchise has been trash after number 2.
Future champion, Sony PS3 !!!! 

Kids will buy any Halo game because of its name…
M$ needed another game out there… but this was a fail attempt. Sony will come out with the most AAA exclusives by the end of 2009.
TR3Y 4 Lyfe

And finally, this is unrelated, but this one guy had this as his signature. The Wii has the biggest dome CONFIRMED!



See you next week!