Fanboy Friday: Commercial Tool edition

Here we are, the last week before E3. The last few weeks have been pretty thin on the fanboy ravings, if only because it’s been a terrible news month in general. No big games have come out, no major announcements have been made, and everyone is pretty much saving everything for the big show next week.

One game did come out recently though, that a lot of people have kind of ignored becuase of the platform it’s on. Can you guess which platform? (Of course you can. It’s obviously the Wii.)

I’ll be the first to admit that I rarely, if ever, play my Wii. It’s been sitting there collecting dust for quite a while, although I do plan on picking up PunchOut soon. But, even though I don’t play it much, I do love me some Boom Blox. Pretty much everyone loves Boom Blox. It’s pretty much the best game on the Wii, tons of fun to play at parties, and has some of the best use of motion control in any of the Wii games available.

That’s why I was exicted to hear that the sequel, Boom Blox Bash Party, is finally here. GameTrailers did their review, and, naturally, it scored quite well because Boom Blox is amazing.

Wait a minute. An awesome Wii game getting an 8.5? Cue the fanboy whining.

Today is extra funny because not only do you get the standard ‘OMG THIS GAME GOT A ___ AND THIS OTHER GAME GOT A ____ WTF OMG BIAAAASSSSS’, but there’s the added bonus of ridiculous Wii hate. There are plenty of real, valid reasons to not like the Wii, but as usual people go completely overboard and cross the line from rational to ridiculous in the blink of an eye.

This is also interesting because most of the 360/PS3 fanboys flip out if a game they like gets an 8.5, because an 8.5 is a horrible terrible score. Now, suddenly, they think an 8.5 is amazing and just CANNOT FATHOM how a stupid Wii game could get a score like that.

Here’s one of those generic comments to start us out:

There is something wrong when crap like this gets an 8.5 and then you bash Wolverine and Bionic Commando. If there is a definition of WTF in the dictionary, it has this review as an example.


haha ya stiff why the fuck would i want to play with blocks when cod 4 halo 3 or killzone is waiting for me online….


Lol yeah 9.0 on gameplay when shooting games like Crysis or Halo 3 have fantastic physics on TOP of the gameplay and story.
Oh well its just GT, cant take it seriously. Its just another commercial tool, filed under MTV which is a subsidiary of Viacom and Paramount.. who also own studios liek Harmonix.

I don’t know if you guys know this, but Steven Spielberg personally makes the entire game himself, from the artwork to the coding to the music. He just locks himself in his basement all day to work on his Wii games, and that’s why the last Indiana Jones movie was so bad.

common spielberg these mini games are fun and stuff but work on your epic game title and go back on your thrown of being a great director

Hey buddy, just wait until it redrings.

Games like this are the reason my wii has become a dust factory while my xbox 360 powers on almost everyday. 

At this point I’m just getting sad, because I don’t understand how people could shit on Boom Blox 🙁

thank god a new wii game with such compelling game play as fling the block throw the block and ((drumroll)) drop the block….i guess my wii will continue to collect dust well atleast it makes a great paper weight..long live nintendo…long enough to watch everything you love die a slow slow death

I don’t know what this means, but it boggles my mind that people are comparing the physics in games where you run around and shoot people to one where you throw balls at blocks.  I’m also not sure if he’s insinuating that the Boom Blox devs were actively hoping that Killzone would be ugly, but given the intelligence of a lot of these commenters it wouldn’t surprise me.

killzone has worse physics. ya but this game is all about physics. and the developers wanted killzone to have bad graphics?

Aww, poor guy. But to answer his question, probably not.

hmm would this game be fun for a loner like me? with no friends to play with at alL 


another game rated higher then halo wars lol…. 

One sad thing about GameTrailers is that, while their videos get lots of comments, most of the comments are people who apparently feel the need to say something, even when they have nothing to say. For example:


I really dident like the first one so I dont know?!? 




Didn’t stupid shit like this die back with AOL in the late 90s? We saw something similar last week too — why do people still post shit like this?

In 1969, horrible screams rang out one night as a little boy who was alone all of a sudden dissapeared. The next morning their neighbor claimed to have saw a terrifying purple dinosaur climb in the window, this horrible creature was later named Barney the Dinosaur. Now that you have read this, you will wake up at 12:00 with Barney the Dinosaur tapping on your window with a knife singing his theme song with his eyes bulging out and bloodshot if you do not post this on 3 other videos

Yeah, the part where he says he likes the game is REALLY CONFUSING.

i confused dif he like the game he gave it a high score, but i’m not sure 

And finally, even the Wii fanboys get in on the action, with some who, of course, are upset the game didn’t get a 10/10.

A terrible review. If this were the 4th or 5th game in the series, like Mario Party, then I could understand a complaint of it’s more of the same but the fact is, this isn’t the 4th or 5th game in the series, its the second.

400 new puzzles? Check
New block types? Check
New game modes? Check
Larger and more accessible level sharing? Check

How does that not translate to a game substantially better than the previous? Boom Blox and Bash Party are 10/10 games. There is nothing that can be leveled at it as a complaint that isn’t pure opinion on its aesthetics or your own preference of game genres.

And finally, someone discovers that Boom Blox, with the help of liberal Hollywood elite Steven Spielberg, is actually a sneaky Democratic tool used to indoctrinate children into accepting gay people, which will lead to yet another assault on opposite marriage, ruining society forever.

Those characters look so damn gay. 

And I’m spent. Start getting excited about next week, because then I’ll have hundred and hundreds of pages of fanboy comments from all of the E3 announcements to go through. It should be a hilarious/horrifying time.