Fanboy Friday: Ancient Art of the Fist Edition

I don’t think we’ll be getting anything that will top last week’s Uncharted 2 edition for a while, but we have some decent material this week to tide you over.

I think everyone knew what was going to happen when the 360 version of Bayonetta got an amazing 40/40 from Famitsu, while the PS3 version got a disgusting 38/40. After having to hear about how great Uncharted 2 is for the last couple weeks, the 360 fanboys have been looking for something to lord over their PS3 enemies, and they got it in this.

Won’t you join me as a bunch of ‘tards try to brag about a game scoring two points higher?

Before we start, I just want to point to this comment as everything wrong with fanboys and sad commentary on what people now expect out of games.

graphics have alot to do with good gameplay. for example:you wouldn’t want to play a game dat you can do the best thing ever but dosen’t look good because of the graphics. at least i wouldnt’ want that

Oh, wait. I thought that highlighted the sad state of today’s youth, but then I found this.

Bayonetta may be “Perfect” according to them at the jap site… but i still prfer Ninja Gaiden 2 over it… i was playing the bayonetta demo.. shaking the ps3 controler and no bewbs wear moving ._. for a next gen ninja game.. we NEED THAT FEATURE!.. NINJA GAIDEN 2 FTW!

Moving on to the actual topic, the 360 fans pounced pretty quickly, happy that the PS3 version was ‘proven’ to be ‘awful’.

360 FTW!!!!!!!!! Better fallout 3 halo gears of war mass effect better online etc.

And this, of course, leads us into the same rambling about exclusives and yelling about Halo.

what’s etc?? we have resistance 2, killxone 2, infamous, littlebig planet, uncharted 2, better hard drives than u guys and we’re not playing the same games we’ve been playng for 1 1/2 years now *cough* halo *cough*

Before launching into a fanboy rant, this guy wants us to know that he is, in fact, NOT a nerd.

i have a life, but im sick of 360 fanboys defending the 360 when there is nothing to defend!!! PS3 is better system wise and EVERYTHING wise 360 fan’s…. just drop it

People argue about exclusives for a while, and then the 12 year olds get involved.

any guy that buys a ps3 or owns one has no dick XBOX ALL THE WAY!!!!

And we get a 12 year old response.

stupid pussy, 360 sucks DICK!!

In in response to THAT, we get a twist on the classic “I have both consoles so I’m not a fanboy”. The “I have NO consoles so I’m not a fanboy.” Intriguing!

i don’t have either of them, but i fucking hate 360 and fanboys!!!

Oh hey! It looks like EL PRESADOR and his friends found out about this comment thread!

TREY 4 LIFE mother fukers!

Game reviewers take note – a 38/40 (95%, 9.5, A, etc.) is ‘crap’. 

Well it was to be expected that the PS3 version of Bayonneta was going to be crap

As of this point, the bashing has been done almost entirely by 360 owners, with PS3 people occasionally stepping in to respond to inflammatory comments. Which made this comment pretty funny, and a little odd, since the PS3 fanboyism was pretty light. This comment ensured it wouldn’t be anymore!

wow would you ps3 fanboys get a fucking life

One of the fanboys without a “fucking life” decided to yell back.

fuck you u dumbASS  if u dnt like ps3 then go fuck urself u bitch

Too bad for him, because this Microsoft fan is about to shut him down with some LOGIC.

dude come on the revew says it, xbox games are better ASSHOLE!

For one guy, that argument just isn’t good enough.

i dnt fucking care what the review says ps3 will kick xboxs ass and hav u even had the time to use ur fat finger and move the mouse to the last ign fix ps3 has 2 times what the xbox has sold BAM HOW U LIKE THAT NERD

This gentleman tries to scientifically settle the debate by providing test results without doing an actual test.

nope xbox way better, if you took a poll xbox would win no questons asked.

Sure, maybe the Xbox would win a poll, but it would only be because of the following reason:

because you guys are cheap, you cant afford a ps3…. you queers actually like mailing in your xbox’s every 2 minutes becuase they always break.

I was getting worried that we wouldn’t see any “I HAVE BOTH CONSOLES” comments, but one shows up just in the nick of time.

THE PS3 IS THE BEST AND YOU KNOW IT!!!!!! THE THREE-SHITTY IS A DEFECTIVE PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!! I have a PS3 and a 360 and the PS3 is way better

Saved at the last second!

You know what? I’m sick of all these stupid fanboys. I’m done writing for today — I can’t handle this anymore. All you fanboys watch out. I’m sending this guy after you, and you’re gonna wish you had never posted on Youtube.

i would love to know the stubby nosed fuck that always starts this fanboy contests so i could go to that pricks house knock three times and then wait for him to answer his door. I won’t be saying hello with my words i’ll be using the ancient art of the fist to that bitch’s face

See you next week, if Internet Tough Guy hasn’t stabbed you all to death.