Fan experiment shows how cool Red Alert 2 could be in VR

A proof-of-concept for the HTC Vive

I’ve seen virtual reality developers convincingly achieve a sort of “living board game” effect with strategy games before, but not quite like this. That tablet interface for base-building is new to me.

This proof-of-concept from creator Ádám Horváth shows how a classic real-time strategy title — in this case, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 — might hold up in VR. “Well.” The answer is “well.” It was built in Unreal Engine 4 using remade-for-3D assets created by ModDB member Sly_Fox.

I’m not even a C&C guy (my only real connection to the series can be traced back to an acquaintance in high school who was utterly obsessed with Red Alert 2) and I still think this looks sweet.

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