Famous UK artist does Ryu … with ink

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The folks gearing up for the Street Fighter IV art exhibition in Alhambra aren’t the only ones celebrating the game’s release with pencils, pens and brushes. UK artist Dave White (Nike, Coca Cola) has created the above 5×4 foot  “one-off ink drawing” of Ryu.

According to the press release, it’s worth between 7,000 and 10,000 Euros. However, the value will only stick as long as White is able to keep the Prince and Elika from cleaning up the corruption in his studio. We’re told that Orbs have been cleverly hidden to avoid such a tragic event.

I’m really digging this piece, but the size is ridiculous considering the character. New rule: Only Zangief drawings should measure in feet. Actually, nevermind. Revised new rule: Only Zangief drawings that feature the Red Cylcone smashing Ken in his big, dumb American jaw should measure in feet.

Established Art Scene Veteran Creates Exclusive Ink Sketching To Celebrate Street Fighter IV

Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of videogames, announced today that renowned UK artist Dave White, whose previous work includes commissions for Nike and Coca Cola, has produced a one-off ink drawing to celebrate the launch of Street Fighter IV that has an estimated value of between £7,000 and £10,000.

Measuring 5ft x 4ft, Dave White’s huge rendition of Ryu (the main character in the Street Fighter series) was inspired by Dave’s love for Street Fighter and videogaming culture in general.

“For the past 18 years I have been playing Street Fighter in all its guises and versions,” says Dave White. “For me and millions of others it’s more than just a videogame, it’s a total obsession and way of life. Something more akin to the complex structure of chess, every match is different and every second offers chances and possibilities, risks and drama. That’s why I play.”

Dave White’s work has won him the respect of his peers and critics alike, with the UK press saying the following about him –

• The Daily Telegraph
“One of Britain’s most feted up-and-coming painters”
• Arena Magazine
“A style of painting that has always been dynamic, explosive and unique to him.”
• The Guardian by Robert Clark
“ White’s sheer joy in the ways in which images are bred by playing around with the rich colourful messiness of oil paint is infectious”.

Street Fighter IV brings the legendary fighting series back to its roots by taking the beloved fighting moves and techniques of the original Street Fighter™ II and infusing them with Capcom’s latest advancements in next generation technology to create a truly extraordinary experience that will re-introduce the world to the time-honored art of virtual martial arts.

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