Famitsutoid: No More Heroes 2, Trauma Center 3 and more

I take absolutely no credit for the Famitsutoid header. This comes compliments of Destructoid community blogger Genki-JAM, who was kind enough to share his latest issue of Famitsu, packed full of hot images of lots of upcoming sequels you may be interested in..

The first spread is on the new Metal Gear game we’ve been talking about so much here lately. You see a Raiden and Big Boss, but they may not be Raiden and Big Boss. Wait, what? As far as Raiden goes, his eye in the picture is red, and not blue, like it’s supposed to be. The word is that he’s actually Gray Fox. 

More scans show No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, which I’m hoping we see some of at E3. From what I can see, the screens look pants-bustingly awesome. Check out Nathan Copeland and his boom box arms. WTF? 

I’m especially hot for the new Trauma Center for the Wii. This third game looks even more over the top than the last ones, and maybe slightly more dark. And is that a robot I see? Are they extracting an I-beam from someone? Also, tell that Maria girl to call me.

Check out the full write-up on Genki-JAM’s C-blog. Are you excited about any of these games? I am for all of them!

Dale North