Famitsu’s Nintendo Conference footage: there’s hope for the Wii yet

Courtesy of Famitsu.com, we bring you the above clip: footage direct from Nintendo’s recent conference where they dropped all those huge announcements you’ve been hearing so much about. Of course, the text on the clip is in Japanese thanks to its origins, but at least you can see the games that your fellow Nipponese brethren were privy to.

Upon watching the clip, I was struck by a few thoughts:

  • WiiFit looks much less idiotic when clad in business attire and brightly colored hospital booties.
  • The Zapper looks damn comfortable. Short of giving us each a breast as a controller, I think Nintendo might be onto something.
  • NiGHTS looks phenomenal. This is the sort of game where saying you want it inside of you may not actually be hyperbole.
  • Playing Zack & Wiki  Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure may no longer offend Muslims, but it will probably rile anti-masturbatory gesture advocates.
  • Soul Calibur Legends really ought to be retitled Soul Calibur Legends: A Mitsurugi To The Past.
  • Chocobos look even cuter in bonnets.
  • Namco-Bandai’s Athletic World is to the Wii what punching your friends in the head because they always kicked your ass in hurdles was to the NES.
  • Hudson is putting out a bullet hell shmup for the Wii? How did I miss that announcement?
  • I have no idea what that last title was, but the adorable lil’ guy in the corner who kept jumping into the air reminds me of myself, back when I was a tiny yellow square.

Now I open the floor to you guys. Thoughts?

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