Famitsu reveals Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles info, confirms RE 4 Wii-make

First the good news — the previously mentioned Resident Evil 4 Wii remake leaked by retailers has been confirmed by Famitsu. Not surprisingly, Wii remote functionality has been added. Players will be able to aim with the Wii remote; reload by holding B and shaking the controller; and wave the controller without holding B to swing your knife. The game will also contain the extra Ada missions from the PlayStation 2 version of the game, as well as a trailer for the upcoming Umbrella Chronicles.

Speaking of which, this is where the “meh” news comes in. It appears that the Wii “original” Resident Evil title, Umbrella Chronicles, will be a first-person gun shooter on (wait for it) rails. There will be no free movement (other than occasionally choosing your path), with the game focused entirely on shooting. The game will detail the fall of Umbrella Corp., and will include most main characters previously seen in the series.

In preparation for this potential disaster, gamers can feel free to pick up a copy of the PlayStation 2 game, Resident Evil: Dead Aim, for under twenty dollars at their local pawn shop.

[Update: I added some more Famitsu scans for your viewing pleasure. Just clean up after yourselves.]

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