Famitsu reveals new DS Harvest Moon: double points if you seduce a monkey

This recently posted thread on NeoGAF has information from the latest issue of Japanese Super Happy Power Fun magazine Famitsu, and within they reveal a brand-new Harvest Moon title coming to the Nintendo DS (at least in the Land of the Rising Sun). Quotation:

DS | Harvest Moon: Shining Sun & Friends
MMV, Winter
– five islands
– can see the island in the last game, Hinata
– wi-fi can be used to trade items

Admittedly, this tells us very litte, and we don’t even know if this game is coming to our shores or the shores of our imperial colonies, but based on what was said, one can make a few educated guesses.

First, we predict the title will be equal parts adorable and baffling to anyone outside the target audience, as were its forebears. Also, we’re assuming an island theme, as was used in Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness, the yet-to-be-released-in-the-States island-colonization title. Finally — and this one is a total shot in the dark — we predict this will be the first Moon title to break the species barrier. Those island nights can get mighty lonely, and there’s nothing a Harvest Goddess can do that a friendly Capuchin can’t.

It’s official: 4:33AM is the moment when all decorum melts into a puddle shaped like a comely simian.

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