Famitsu poll: PS Vita is Japan’s most desired console

People want, they just ain’t buyin’

According to a poll by videogame magazine Famitsu, Sony’s ailing PlayStation Vita is the most desired console in Japan. 

The survey found that 64% of respondents wanted a PlayStation Vita. The second most desired system is the 3DS at a significantly lower 48%, followed by the Wii U at 34%. 

The PS Vita has not had a glorious run in Japan so far, being upstaged by the 3DS and going through periods of sinking sales numbers. According to Famitsu, the Vita hasn’t had an underwhelming performance through lack of want, which only leads us back to the Vita’s biggest issue — its price. Apparently, folks are interested in Sony’s new handheld, they just aren’t prepared to pay Sony’s toll. 

Sony, for the most part, has refused to entertain the idea of a price drop, seemingly convinced that it has a following as spend-happy and loyal as Apple’s. Even as Kaz Hirai himself admits the Vita isn’t meeting expectations, the company still seems unwilling to make any practical changes to address it. I can only sigh in resignation at this point. 

  1. PS Vita – 64%
  2. 3DS – 48%
  3. Wii U – 34%
  4. PS3 – 25%
  5. PC – 14%
  6. Xbox 360 – 11%
  7. Smartphone – 10%
  8. PSP – 10%
  9. Wii – 9%
  10. iPad – 7%
  11. DSi / DSiXL – 5%
  12. iPhone – 5%
  13. iPod Touch – 4%
  14. Other – 2%

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James Stephanie Sterling