Famitsu loves them some Blue Dragon

Big-time Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has handed in their reviews of the Xbox 360’s greatest Eastern hope, Blue Dragon, and the results are rather positive — in fact, in Japanese terms they are super duper sunshine happy day great! Yes Peter Moore, you are allowed to take a breath now. Here’s what the editors there had to say:

4 editors reviewed Blue Dragon on a 1-10 scale and in total the score was 37/40

Grade: 9
From the meticulously-woven story to the easy-to-comprehend battles and gentle (game) balance, the title allows even the most basic of beginners to jump right in. Even so, the game’s battles offer a considerable degree of play depth, and other elements such as the enormous number of objects that can be examined will tickle the fancy of gamers. An RPG worthy of being labeled an evolutionary step in the right direction.

Grade: 9
This title shaped up to be a classic visit to the RPGs of old with the latest technology. Of particular mention is the light and gentle nature of the visuals and a (character) growth sytem that compells tinkering by the player with its high degree of freedom. While the presentation and movies in the game do not stand out in particular, the sense of balance experienced while progressing through the game’s story is exquisite.

Grade: 9
A well-balanced RPG that took the direct route and succeeded. Battles are an enjoyable experience thanks to the categories and skills belonging to (the character’s) shadows and a system that allows you to make the enemies fight each other. The moving story is complemented with a variety of events that gradually find their way into your heart. Given this, it was a bit odd to experience actions such as searching an enemy’s poop.

Grade: 10
A pleasing and meticulously-crafted RPG through and through, from the battles to the command setup throughout the game. It’s difficult to come up with another RPG title that barely induces stress even after long hours of play. Toriyama’s art comes to life on the screen, and can be experienced in all its glory in both the movies and battles. Let’s not forget the boss battle tune sung by Ian Gillan!



Robert Summa