Famitsu fondles new PSP – wait, which one is the new one?

The fine folks at Famitsu have finally found a new PSP model to fudge with. The “refreshed” PlayStation Portable (some are calling it the PSP 2000) is supposed to be thinner, lighter, faster loading, and will support TV-out functionality. Famitsu has done a fine job of putting the two systems side-by-side, possibly helping out the ‘do I need this?’ crowd currently sitting on the fence.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that the system is not that much thinner than its predecessor. The protruding bumps seem to have been taken off, but unless you had the two systems next to each other, the difference would be difficult to notice.

Lighter is always better, and Sony is claiming the new system to be 33% lighter than the last, and Famitsu’s findings seem to go along with that. The article goes on to show the new Memory Stick and UMD slots, the new placement of speakers, and even a shot of the new retail box.

Some new features like longer battery life, sexy new colors, doubled system ram (64 megabytes, up from 32), and USB charging are nice, but the real appeal is the video output function, allowing you to watch videos and play games on your television. One thing to note is that the resolution of PSP games (480 x 272) puts the on-screen gameplay in a box, not filling the full screen. Videos will, but games won’t fill the screen unless stretched.

I’ll be honest and say that I recently imported a gorgeous Metallic Blue PSP from Japan to replace my ailing, well-used Black one. I’d love to find an excuse to not want the PSP 2000. Famitsu, we all appreciate the work you put into this, but I’m still on the fence.

How about you? Are you going to pick up the new model this fall? Is your current one fine for now? If you have not joined the PSP gang yet, is the redesign enough to reel you in?

[Via Famitsu]

Dale North