Famitsu brings us ten new Final Fantasy XIII screens

When Square Enix isn’t too busy working on Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy: Gaiden, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy IV: The After, Final Fantasy: Crystal Defenders, Final Fantasy XIII: Agito, Final Fantasy XIII: Versus and even Final Fantasy XIV, it sometimes works on Final Fantasy XIII. Y’know, the game it announced before any of those other things. Just saying, if Square Enix didn’t have eyes bigger than its stomach, maybe its main game wouldn’t take ten billion years to make. 

Regardless, FF XIII is finally almost upon us, at least in Japan, and Famitsu has spread the good word with ten new screenshots. The screens show off some new monsters, and new character Hope Estheim, who was caught in an E3 trailer. 

The game’s out at the end of the year in Japan, but we roundeyes have to wait until Spring 2010 before we can get our dirty white mitts on it.

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