Family says goodbye to father as game development hits crunch time (Fauxclusive)

Daddy has to go make art now

Admitting he didn’t know when he was going to see them again, 3D environment artist Kevin Huang gave his kids an extra long hug this morning, before heading out to face development crunch time.

Mouthing “I love you” to his wife, Huang wiped a tear from his eye as he grabbed the suitcase he’ll need to survive the next three-to-four months of 80-hour workweeks, sleeping at his desk, and dickhead bosses who will constantly remind him how lucky he is to be there.

“It’s tough,” Huang admitted. “During the last crunch time I was away from home for so long that I missed the birth of my child. I also missed the conception.”

Stealing one last look at his family, Huang put his hand on his oldest son’s shoulder and told him he’s the man of the house now; reminding him to help mommy out with the chores, don’t fight with his sister, and maybe get a part time job in case daddy doesn’t get his bonus due to a low Metacritic score.

“Austin really didn’t understand at first when daddy went away. He was always upset, but thankfully he found a group of friends at school whose dads would also go away for long periods of time,” Mrs. Huang explained “Of course their dads are in the military so the absence is a lot easier for them to comprehend, whereas my husband won’t get to come home for several months because he’ll be busy making sure rocks in the game look like rocks.”

As he drove away, Huang’s family said they found comfort knowing their sacrifice would result in a game that would ultimately fail to meet unrealistic sales goals, and lead to the dismissal of 50% of the developer’s workforce.

CJ Andriessen
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