Family Party: 30 Great Games trailer looks great, shows family games

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We all know by now that the Wii is only for the hardcore crowd. Games like WiiMusic, Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun, and Animal Crossing are above and beyond what casual gamers can comprehend. Thankfully, D3Publisher has stepped up to the plate to provide what all Wii owners need – a game full of casual mini-games.

The above trailer is for Family Party: 30 Great Games. There are around thirty great games included in Family Party. That means that there are thirty opportunities to have a great time with your family. Also, imagine throwing a party for your family and playing thirty mini-games. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Along with the mini-games (there are thirty of them) players will be able to choose from tons of avatars, including animals. There’s also a multiplayer component that will allow an amazing four players to compete at the same time. There are even high scores. Needless to say, Family Party: 30 Great Games looks like it will be a great game, especially if that great trailer above is any great indication of quality.

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